Bottersnikes and Gumbles Title Sequence

Back in the 70's a couple of blokes (writer S. A. Wakefield and illustrator Desmond Digby) came up with a series of incredible Australian Bush fantasy books called Bottersnikes and Gumbles. The series were my favourite books growing up as a kid in the 90s. My dad found out of print copies during his time as a teacher librarian and took them home to read with me. When I was 7 we made a Bottersnike costume for book week. The photo below is of me in that costume, circa 1995 winning a our school dress up comp. Needless to say, when I first met up with Darren Price, founder and director at Mighty Nice and he told me he wanted to develop the books into animation I was more than a little excited. 

Cut forward 4 years and Mighty Nice in collaboration with Cheeky Little have signed a deal with Netflix, BBC and Channel 7 to make a 52 episode TV series and they need a title sequence. It was an absolute blast to come up with this stylised opening for something that's held a place in my heart for such a long time. It was also so great to colaborate with an incredible roster of artists. Please check them out in the crew list below. They are all top shelf!

Alex Grigg

Executive Creative Director
Darren Price

Angiline Atkins

Head of Studio
Jeremy Howdin

Storyboard/ Animatic
Alex Grigg

Lead 2D Designer
Jason Pamment

Concept Art
Alexandre Diboine

2D Animator
Murray Debus
Catriona Drummond
Alex Grigg
Mike Singca

Josh Edwards
Vincent E Sousa

2D Clean Up
Joel Williams
Mike Singca
Catriona Drummond

3D Animation
Lawrence Jet Wong

3D Lighting & Compositing
Wayne Osborne

Mike Singca

Graphic Design
Eddy Herringson

Michael Szumowski

Design Assistant
Ling Siu