Born in a Void - LNWC 2

A being, born alone in a void becomes obsessed with its own reflection.

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Born in a Void- A new short film created for Late Night Work Club's new anthology Strangers. ---

Written and Directed by : Alex Grigg
Original Score by : Skillbard
Animated by : Alex Grigg, Richard Chhoa
Additional animation by : Bryce Pemberton, Jeremy Carlen, Robertino Zambrano,
Special Thanks Sonoko Kifune, Taku Furukawa, Koji Yamamura, Kasumi Ozeki, Kyosuke Kuroko, Rosanna Afford, Darren Price, LNWC

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00:31 - Born In A Void by Alex Grigg - (
07:40 - Freedom - Liberté by Loup Blaster- (
14:05 - Anonmation by Caleb Wood - (
21:08 - Lovestreams by Sean Buckelew - (
30:28 - Departures by Jeanette Bonds (
33:54 - Wednesday with Goddard by Nicolas Menard (
38:16 - Hi Stranger by Kirsten Lepore (

Intro/Outro/Interstitials by Charles Huettner (

Sound design for several shorts by Skillbard - (
Sound design and overall mixing by David Kamp - (
Theme and credits music by SCNTFC - (